Cool new stuff at motoringfile

Checked out the Motoring File Newsroom yet? Pretty cool. Provides a quick look at the major forums, a few blogs (yours truly included), the Yahoo! and Google News feeds and the latest Marketplace feeds from NAM. If you are in a rush, it’s a quick and handy thing to check out if you only want to check the latest at a few sites. Not sure if more sites will be added, but be sure to check in on it.

If you are looking for a more detailed list of MINI information, you are still going to want to continue visit Mark over at to keep up on the latest for just about every MINI Page with an RSS feed. The site is split up, with 1 page for a list of topics and 1 with more detail. Mark keeps a keen eye on the MINI sites and whenever a new one pops up he adds the feed to the site right away!

It just keeps getting easier to get that MINI fix!

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  1. Ian – you must have seen it when the page was loading at the top of the hour. We tested it pretty thoroughly again lastnight and for some reason it’s taking about a minute to load all of the individual news feeds.

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