this is entirely new

Get home from the market tonight. Outside temp according to the OBC is 54 degrees. Turn the key to the off position and the fan continued to run. So I double check the temp gauge. Reading center line like it should.

Go for a quick lap around the block, it stays running the entire time, A/C on or off. Pull back into the driveway, turn off the car and it’s still running. 15 minutes later it is still running! I go out to disconnect the battery and in my search for a 10mm socket, it finally stops, 25 minutes later!

This can’t be good.

On a completely different note, driving into work this AM got to follow and lead a B/W Cooper. As much as I like the S (hope to have another on order fairly soon and everything….oops…shhhh), you really can’t beat the way the MC looks, especially the front end. Especially in the darker colors. There is still a bit of classic Mini in the front end, and maybe, if you squint, you can see just a touch of Morris too. You know me, I love ’em all, but something about the MC front end that just make me say “Wow! What a bitchen car!” :D