Dear Caltrans

We at dbmini realize that you are getting ready to start a fairly large project on Ortega Hwy. We would like to offer a few improvements that we think would truly make this a first class highway.

  1. Please remove the double yellow line. It makes it very difficult to achieve the perfect line when dealing with this.
  2. Please remove the reflectors. That also disrupt the over ability to achieve the perfect line.
  3. When you widen the run-off areas, could you also install rumble strips on the corners. Inside and outside if it wouldn’t be too much trouble
  4. Please try to not take too much out of turn 36, 37 & 38*. Just add the rumble strips

We honestly believe that these improvements, along with the widening, would greatly improve the overall motorability of the highway.

Thanking you in advance
The dbmini Crew

*not actual turn numbers, but I think that might be pretty close

PLEASE NOTE: The preceding was an attempt at humor. We at dbmini know the dangers of Ortega Hwy. and how bad the road would actually be without the dreaded double yellow and reflectors. Also, we at dbmini also know that we have absolutely zero pull with the dept. of transportation.

But it is nice to dream, right? :)

4 replies on “Dear Caltrans”

  1. :)
    Think I need to find some pics …
    A few years back Margaret & I drove in CA north of San Francisco, along ?route 1? coast road – pretty spectacular; is this Ortego Highway better?

  2. I know the road you speak of. Ortega Hwy is kinda like that, except more mountainous and a little more twisty.

    Here is a section, taken from the steering wheel of Roxy
    Click to see it

  3. Also, Caltrans: please call the CHP and tell them to take Sundays off. No need to patrol Ortega anymore. Thanks.

    Seriously, I was on Ortega this weekend on my Ducati and there was an unusually high number of CHP patrol cars in speed traps. Two in the usual spot near Hell’s Kitchen and another at the Lookout.

    Also heard about a large showing of CHP on Angeles Crest this weekend as well.


  4. Also, be sure to watch at the county line. They like to park on the road at the county line and have lunch.

    You know, not that I’m watching out for them or anything ;)

    Looking for a challenge? Try the prison road. Not very long, but it sure is fun!

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