My next mod?

So, the big Tail of the Dragon run was this last weekend. Being on the wrong coast, I again missed out on what has to be an excellent weekend.

Our friend Mark from gomotoring was there, and to make sure he had an edge over the other MINI’s in the crowd, he did install what has to be the greatest mod of all time:

I must have this before I get to the track! Oh yea, and it moves! Click here for the .mov (needs quicktime ’cause Mark is also a bonafide MINI Mac freak, and it’s going to cost you 3,130kb in download time).

Want one of your own? Visit They are even having a sale this month!

One reply on “My next mod?”

  1. Ha! I saw that at the Dragon, and told someone “that is the best damned mod yet!” Too cool! Thanks for the link, Freak! :P

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