Someone must not like me

Driving into work this morning, a fully loaded double rock haulers goes screaming by on Ortega Hwy. Naturally a member of his load decides to abandon ship about 1 second before we pass and landed right on the drivers side edge (middle) of the windscreen.

Right now the crack extends from the drivers side about 4 inches.

You know, I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never had a stress cracked windscreen. But, I’ve been unlucky in that this will be my third to replace, all due to rocks throw at Roxy by large trucks.

7 replies on “Someone must not like me”

  1. Could you sue the hauling company for failing to properly tie down their load? I know in England loads like that must be properly covered to prevent any stuff falling out.

  2. if the close rate wasn’t 80+ MPH, I could have gotten the license plate number or seen the company name on the side of the truck and called them, but since I didn’t get any of the information….

  3. awww…so sorry to hear about the crack. And to think you just got Roxy all spiffied up. Phooey! Ya need to move to FL…not as many rock trucks slingin’ crap atcha. (Obvious lie.) LOL.

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