Ethanol? At Indy?

Yep yep. Check it out:

This year, the IRL takes a baby step, mixing in 10 percent ethanol into the traditional, carbon-based methanol, which burns much the same as ethanol but is made from a nonrenewable source. Next year, these open-wheel cars will run on 100 percent ethanol.

From this article.

100% next year? Now that I’m going to have to see.

5 replies on “Ethanol? At Indy?”

  1. This from USA Today, last week…………….

    “Ethanol, which is typically derived from corn in the USA, currently comprises 10% of the fuel blend for the IndyCar Series. Next year it will be 100%, ending the reign of methanol that has powered IndyCars for nearly four decades.”

  2. Not here in Socal we aren’t. the other thing they usually add to our gas is MTBE. All that does is rot fuel lines and gaskets LOL

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