I wonder if this works

How seriously disappointing that GM would actually think to do something like this:

DETROIT (AP): Aiming to capitalize on U.S. consumer angst about the high cost of gasoline, General Motors Corp. on Tuesday said it would cap pump prices at $1.99 (euro1.55) for customers in California and Florida who buy certain vehicles by July 5.

Of course you have to get onStar. Of course this program is only available for the gas-guzzlingest vehicles the General sells.

Please tell me that you, or anyone you know, isn’t this stupid. Please?

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2 replies on “I wonder if this works”

  1. I saw that article yesterday.

    Smells of desperation, doesn’t it? Frankly, getting back $60/month to drive a Buick doesn’t seem like any bonus to me.

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