Ever wonder…

Sure you’ve been to the MINIUSA.com configurator and built out that ‘dream’ MINI.

Ever wonder what a dealer might charge for that car? Well my friends, wonder no more.

Crevier MINI has a car on the lot, right now, with EVERY JCW option and H/K, plus a few others. You can see the full specs here. Be sure you are sitting down before you click, because the price is listed there too.

I’d mention it here, but you know what they say, if you have to ask…

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  1. I’m sorry but these cars, as cool as they are, ain’t worth that much! I rather spend a tad more get a TT or a Boxster. But I guess that’s why I buy used. I paid only $19,000 for a nearly fully equipped, no JCW, ’04 MCS with 12000 miles on it. I know people who have spent more on a MC just to have a new car. I did this twice…my 1st MCS ’02 had only 3500 miles on it and now a ’04 MCS with premium and Sports packages plus heated seats, kinda kool. Plus I got to drive them home some 3000+ miles!

    But 2 each his own. BTW my ’04 has been flawless once MINI fixed the squeaks.

    Thank you Ebay.

  2. yea, for that kinda cash, I’d rather pick up an ’03 5 series, or a brand new fully loaded x3 with sport package…but that’s just me ;)

    Ebay for a MINI? hmmmmmm….I might have to revist that

  3. I have heard of people having problems with Ebay but I have only had a few minor glitches. I bought cars in Naples Fl, Charlotte NC, and Boston Ma. A take no prisoners attitude is best. I have them send me a full statement (pics) as to the cars condition, and a statement from their bank or lien holder that the amount I am paying is the full amount owed, all this notarized.

    Glitches….Naples….car was not detailed when we arrived so we had to add a day, they paid for our room at a very nice Spa…..Charlotte…owner was an idiot, wasn’t going to take a certified check that his bank said was good, he wanted me to wait in Charlotte until the ck cleared, his wife suggested he take the ck as I was calling for a taxi to go to the airport…Boston, Massachusetts has no temp plates so as I was taking my ck back they found a solution…other than that it went well.

    If buying in another state take your own plates, don’t tell CA DMV you drove the car from the other state, tell them it was trailer’d, don’t get a ticket until you get it registered in Ca, take off the plates you used to transport before Ca DMV sees them…Some states have temp plates ask the seller or call their DMV to be sure.

    Florida had temp plates, I took my ’02 MCS plates to Charlotte to get the ’04 MCS, no comment on Boston.

    Having it put on a transport is a nightmare. Unless you pay the high end guys with enclosed trailers, you are at the mercy of the transporter. If they say they have insurance ask them if it also covers your vehicle, some are only insured for their trucks. They have drops were your car can wait from one day to many, many days. While the car is there it can be driven by the people, usually a junk yard, there and unless you specify you want your car loaded in a position were it will only be loaded and unloaded once it can be taken off as many as 12 times and they ain’t, except the costly transporters, liable for damage, dripping fluids…nothing!

    So I drive mine back, that’s half the fun. I hope my adventures will help you should you decide to buy out of state.

  4. Hmmm, they say ‘every JCW part available’, but from the pics, I don’t see the JCW seats, JCW Big Brake kit, etc… Add these, and they could EASILY break the $50k mark.

    Every JCW part is NOT on that car. (at least in those photos)


    -Jay Redd

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