Fun Speed Limit Roads


Sure, we all love the canyon roads. Roads that we wished the next improvement to them would be removal of the stripes and addition of rumble strips. The canyon roads above LA, The Dragon, roads like that.

But what about the other roads? The ones that are a blast to drive at the legal limit, no tire squealing, no craziness. Just ignore the yellow signs and go. Those kinds of roads are great!

One of my favorites is Ortega Highway. Now that the construction is done it’s actually more fun to drive (when traffic allows) at the legal limit than it was before they started construction.

Another of my favorites here in SoCal is Cajalco Road from I-15 going toward Perris, CA. It’s in rough shape in some places, but still a fun speed limit road.

One of my other favorites I had forgotten about until earlier this week. That map above shows the section I’m talking about. It’s highway 163 from I-95 in Nevada heading into Laughlin. That section (which is only about 6 or 7 miles long) is a total blast to drive at the legal limit! Lots of elevation changes makes your suspension compress, just like being on a track. Bonus is that it is a 4 lane road so you don’t usually get stuck behind slower moving traffic since the road is about a 10% grade (15% in some spots).

This road makes up for the fact that almost every other road surrounding it is mind-numbingly boring with strict speed limits due to construction. Really wakes you up! Check it out if you get the chance.

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