Top Gear in iTunes

Many of you, like myself, are big fans of the show Top Gear.

I’m sure that you, like myself, don’t like to watch it on BBC America since there are commercials and the show is edited to fit into the 1 hour time slot that we Americans seems to be such a big fan of.

Well, now there is a new way to get it! Follow the link below to get Top Gear from iTunes. Sure it’s $1.99. Sure, there are *ways* you can get it for free. But, if you have Apple TV or don’t want to mess around with the other *ways*, this works out pretty good.

This will work pretty well for me when I drop TV from my Fios service.

+Top Gear – iTunes required (free download)

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  1. Crap. I didn’t actually download it to check since I am one that gets the show other *ways*.

    But still, better than nothing I suppose.

  2. That would be the other way to get Top Gear. As far as being legal, I am pretty sure the BBC frowns on getting the show via BitTorrent, which is why the now offer it on BBC America and iTunes (plus the new YouTube channel for clips).

  3. Actually had a quote from a BBC rep and he had no problem with folks getting episodes this way, in fact he encouraged it as it generated interest in the show. Although he may have been talking about markets where they have no access to BBC offerings.

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