Gas update

About 300 miles so far on this tank. Should go the full 400 without breakin’ a sweat.

Somethings to note:

  • Pre-ignition (pinging aka dieseling) very extreme for the first 50 miles, especially when starting off from a start.
  • Power is way down. I mean, a HUGE drop off
  • Overall driveability isn’t that hot. Freeway cruising speeds (55+) are ok, but in stop and go not so much.
  • Shudder at idle with the A/C running has diminished some, but it is not entirely gone.

I know I said 2 tanks on the 87, but Roxy is really not enjoying it all. I am going to go up to the mid-grade stuff (here in SoCal that is 89 octane) and see if there is any improvement in overall driveability.

I was really positive on this working out. But I just don’t think cars were made to run on California-summertime-laced-with-ethonol gasoline. More research shall ensue.

And, driving home this afternoon. Spotted Roxy’s brother/sister. Another VR/W MC heading south on Hwy. 73 from I405. I would have given chase, but was feeling cheap and didn’t want to pay the $4.25 for toll. Still cool to spot another VR on the road.

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  1. Ouch, so it doesn’t sound very positive. In fact I’m surprised the differences were that great. I’m interested in how 89 will do. I also what differences there would be with an MCS…boosted air but lower compression ratio.

  2. I’m not sure about the difference on the MCS, but judging by my performance, I would almost bet that it would be worse. I’ve got some mileage numbers on the tank of 87 that I will be posting later too.

  3. Ok, I asked both the service mgr. and service advisor whether they recommended using lower octane gas to help the stall issue. Un-officially the service mgr. said he had heard from a number of other delaer service mgrs that this would help. He aslo said that the MINIs engine had anti-knock sensors that should prevent knocking and also prevent any damage. The service advisor outright said to use 87 to fix the problem. He also said that the mid grade would not help. He started to tell me why but a customer walked up and our conversation ended.

    Also, the service mgr said that using the lower octane would probably rob 5-10 hp from the performance. He went on to say that “most” people would not notice the loss. I laughed.

    My shudder/stall issue is intermittent and currently not there with 100 plus degree weather here. I’m crossing my fingers.

  4. What bothers me – both with my “successful” 91 instead of 93, and your “unsuccessful” test, is how sensitive the engine is to octane – or more accurately, how poorly the engine compensates for grade changes.
    I really would not have expected any change from 93 to 91, yet I saw an immediate and significant change.
    If the engine is that sensitive to real octane changes, it must also be disturbingly sensitive to gas formulations, “old” gas in slow selling stations, etc, etc.
    So much for clever electronics :(

  5. Yea, the change is almost immediate.

    I filled up with 89 200 miles ago and there is a HUGE improvement, almost to normal in fact. Very odd.

    I’ve actually heard of some people getting bad gas in their MINI and it runs horrible. I’ve also seen dyno runs with 103 give an extra 15hp. Dang I wish I would have passed chemistry! hehe

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