New podcast

I’m going to be cross posting the Sunday episodes here in case anyone missed them.

Again, the podcast has moved to

Again with Gabe Bridger, we touch on quite a few things…

-This week on Motoringfile
-This week on dbmini. Can we stop with the wax?
-MSRP vs. Over charge
-Buy local vs. Buy out of state
-Good service = be nice
-db debuts new sound effects
-Selling a MINI
-Warranty fixes…dealer vs. aftermarket
-Good service = be nice
-Gabe avoids the MINI Police once again
-Todd really has good ideas. No, really.
-Gabe got a $3 mic…sounds much better.
-Next weeks topic is still a secret…listen back on Wednesday.

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4 replies on “New podcast”

  1. along with ian, i’m “the other guy” that loves his mcsa -thanks for almost mentioning me on the podcast! ; ) great show too!

    cheers – drew

  2. NorthWest MINI (Tacoma) Is a full seperate dealership. It has seperate bays for service and detail. A showroom, and a bunch of used cars. (non-MINI) A Mercedes dealership sits in between it and its mother BMW dealership.

    I was told that it was a requirement by MINI that all MINI dealerships be seperate. But now it sounds like that is not so. I know that Rasmussen MINI (Portland Ore.) is a combined dealership, so is MINI of Murray (Utah) is also a combined dealership. I was kind of confused when I heard that. Oh well.

    Say it!


  3. I think the requirement is for MINI to have a separate sales building, not service. The closet to that was in San Diego, where sales used to be about 2 blocks from service. They have since remodeled, but all of the service happens at the same shop.

    Thanks again for listening! Don’t forget to change your subscription to point to as I will only be posting the next 1 or maybe 2 here.

  4. According to the BMW dealership here in town (I asked a while ago) they only have to have a seperate building. I was inquiring as to whether or not were going to get a MINI dealer here in Lincoln, and he said no because they didn’t want to put in a new building. They had a hard enough time getting permission to sell BMWs and Mercedes Benzes in the same building.

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