Have a MINI One -D?

First of all, I’m totally jealous! For the miles I drive on a weekly basis, the thought of only filling up once every week or week and half, even at higher prices is very enticing. That at the fact that torque = horespowerx2. mmmm….toooorque.

But I digress.

I came across this article about running a mix of diesel and vegetable oil in a standard diesel engine:

Using vegetable oil as fuel in diesel engines isn’t a new idea. Rudolf Diesel’s first engines were built to run on peanut oil for the developing world, which had no petrochemicals industry. Running your modern diesel car or van on veg is just going back to what the designer intended. But why should you make the change?

Knowing how particular we MINI owners are about what we put into our cars, I can’t image that anyone has done this.

Yet, I still have to ask, out of curiosity more than anything. Has anyone done this?

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  1. There’s a lady in Vegas who’s done this conversion on her new beetle.

    The actual diesel to oil conversion kit is about $800

    Grease/oil is usually free from local resturaunts… sometimes they pay you to truck it away.

    I guess all she does is get a few barrels of slime every week or 2 and filters the goo in her garage. Witnesses say that her ride smells like anything from fried fish and noodle to chicken and french fries.

    Her milage is allegedly incredibly high.

  2. Yeah, there was a show on Discovery Channel that showed a guy who converted his truck to bio-diesel. It showed the steps he had to take between the restaraunt and his gas tank. The process to convert the oil to fuel grade isn’t too complicated…but it isn’t that simple either. Each batch needs different amounts of lye etc since the oil is not the exact same. There are a lot of good how-to’s online.

  3. We have 3 people now at work who use vegetable oil in their Jettas. Here in new england the biggest issue is getting the stuff to flow in the cold weather.

    The conversion involves adding a pre-warmer I believe.

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