If I could do this today…

There is a very good chance, if I could build and order a new MINI today, it would look a lot like this:
db\\\'s next MINI?


  • Cold Weather
  • Limited Slip
  • Everything from Sport except stripes and s-lites
  • Everything from premium except sunroof and auto A/C
  • Anthracite dash with chrome trim
  • Anthracite R99’s – maybe

While I would really like cloth seats, they aren’t available on the configurator, so I would probably have to stick with the leatherette. I’ve got the leather now, and I’m not a huge fan.

There it is, you know, if I could. ;)

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  1. you didn’t just say stay away from the ‘brown’ MINI, did you?

    You know, sometimes VR is referred to as ‘brown’, depending on the light.

    You know, really, the configurator DOES NOT do this color justice. Really. See one in person and come back. Trust me.

  2. I saw the gray, I think, at the LAAS it is very nice but I’m out of my gray stage so not for me.

    I too have a yes/no stripe thing…….I’d like some Shebly type fat stripes but I also love the clean look. Did stripes, multi colour, on 1st MCS (DASMINI) and grew tired of them.

    Now wait a minute didn’t you proclaim, once a long time ago on MF or was it still Bridger at that time, that you didn’t need no estinkin’ “S”. Hum, once you “S”‘d you never go back.

    When I drove my daughter’s Cooper from Boston to SoCal the cloth seats were very nice but I’ll take my leather for wearability.

    Looks nice GO FOR IT, YOLOnce.

  3. Now wait a minute didn’t you proclaim, once a long time ago on MF or was it still Bridger at that time, that you didn’t need no estinkin’ “S”. Hum, once you “S”‘d you never go back.

    My first MINI was an MCS. Go back to December ’02 to read about that fiasco.

    I love my MC! I just would really like to have the power back. One of the reasons that I have been postponing is because I would really like to maybe Keep Roxy II. Possibly for the lad when he is old enough, or to continue to pull daily driver duties. I would really like a car, at least once in my life, that I won’t put 45K miles on in the first year! LOL

  4. So your 1st MCS was a nitemare? Well my 1st had a lot of issues, mainly quality, when I got it but I got it straightened out by the time I sold it one year later, all except “The Stumble” that is. Current MCS is rock solid except for occasional dash rattle and sometimes hot weather lag from launch.

    Don’t you have something to do with SCMM’s?

  5. My first buying experience was a nightmare. I didn’t have the car long enough to have quality issues.

    My current MINI however is another thing altogether. If there was a major or minor build issue with the ’02/’03, I had it! Seat back, steering wheel, transmission, boot latch, who knows how many software updates, misc. wiring issues triggering lights blah blah blah. Still, made it an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

    Have something to do with SCMM? I am one of the founding members and the current Vice President/Webmaster. You know, since you asked ;)

    Edit – Why no sunroof? While this time of year it sure is nice to have, from about April until October it makes the interior of the MINI impossibly hot. Also, depending on the time of day (which seems to be when I spend the most amount of time in my car) that Southern California sun can get pretty hot beatin’ down on the top of my head. If the screen was solid instead of perforated, I’d be all over a sunroof again. But as it’s not, I’d rather have the head room back.

  6. Yes I did ask.

    I have heard that issue with other folks and the mesh. I guess diff body types. I only found it to be an issue when I visit my dad in Palm Springs, anything above 100º. I do think MINI should offer a choice of mesh for diff climates.

  7. db
    I couldn’t find a gallery or specs link of your current mini on the site? What are you driving now? Where’s the link?

  8. if you click on the gallery link at the top of this page, you will find many pictures with a Velvet Red, or Maroon, MC with a white roof. That would be my current ride, Roxy II. Here is a pretty current picture.
    Roxy II picture

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