How Roxy got her name

Robert asked an interesting quesiton in a previous comment, worthy of a complete explination…

Shortly after placing my order for Roxy I (BRG/W MCS, package 1 & 2), Concrete Blonde release their 5th studio album, the first in about 10 years, Group Therapy. The very first track on this disc is called, remarkably enough, Roxy and it contains the following passage:

sweeter sounds
from space were never heard.
or a perfect turn of word,
like a whirlwind,
you blow in again
& all the songs
have been in my head
& heart for o so long
It’s like listening to a kiss.
oh, you’ll never know
how very much we missed you,

After listening to that a few times (well, ok, maybe a few more than that), I thought it was perfect! Arriving at Crevier MINI on 12/31/02 to take delivery, I saw her for the first time and that was definitely her name, so it stuck!

Roxy II is her namesake. Eventhough she’s an VR/W MC instead, the feeling is still the same.
I am also doing some modifications to the forums today, so they might be on and off. Trust me, it will be cool.
I’ll post again when they are back up and mods are completed.