I forgot to mention…

Before going out to the track this last weekend, I was FINALLY able to get rid of the Goodyear All-Season run-flat tires! I opted for a set of Yokohama AVS ES 1000 ($99 each, installed @ Discount Tire), 205/50 16. What a difference!

Overall ride quality has GREATLY improved. By leaps and bounds. Handling on the other hand is a bit different. The run flats, by design, have a super stiff sidewall, whereas the Yoko’s do not, so there was a bit more flex at the track than what I was used to. Took a few laps, but I finally got a feel for them and they felt much faster and grippier than the run-flats. Only about 600 miles on these so far, so it’s hard to judge overall comfort and noise levels, but I’m still glad I did it.

I did manage to get a second set of tires that I am not as thrilled with. the Pirrelli P8. Super duper soft and squishy, large tread blocks and soft sidewalls. They will be ok pulling daily driver duties, but would not be any good for anything else. I’m a bit iffy on pushing these tires on the Ortegas, let alone take them to the track. This set only has about 60 miles on them so far, so I will report back after some more miles get onto them.

Oh yea, I nearly forgot. I need an S :D