I can’t believe I missed this

But last week right in the middle of everything and me being super busy, Roxy turned 2!

2 years since I drove her home after what was an impossible ordeal with banks. I still wake up every morning amazed that I have such a cool car in my driveway. I guess time (and miles) really do fly when you’re having fun.

For her birthday I will give her a trip to the detail shop, a front end alignment and 2 coats of NXT (after the detail shop guys are done with her). Then, hopefully soon, some laps on the track!

Did I mention I think I’ll be hitting 85K miles next week? hehe

5 replies on “I can’t believe I missed this”

  1. Stumbled upon your blog doing Mini research. I feel like you did back at the beginning, falling in love with them, trying to get out of a current vehicle payment, one BMW dealership town, going for a lease etc…Always liked them, fell in love at an auto show after sitting in one, digging all the clubs and blogs and communities on them…love the Velvet Red color on yours, don’t think they offer that for 05

  2. Hey Todd! Welcome to dbmini and the land of MINI blogs!

    Sorry to say that VR has been discontinued as of the ’03 model year, and it was never offered in an S.

    So, do you have a MINI now?

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