MINI, powered by Intel?

You read this at Motoringfile a few weeks ago, and it will probably upset you Mac users, but:

One of the hottest exhibits in Intel’s booth at the giant CeBIT technology show in Hannover, Germany this week is a prototype Mini Cooper S Capriolet prepared as a show car and fitted with an on-board infotainment PC, according to Inperio Systems, maker of the device. The Envader, which contains a Pentium M-powered embedded computer, is described by Inperio as an “industry standard compliant system offering an integrated infotainment, communitainment, and entertainment platform.” Or, as Intel puts it, a “Car PC.”


According to Intel, this combination effectively turns your car into a mobile office. Cool to be sure, but I think it might be a bit more than I really need. I just want to play MP3’s :D

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