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  1. Roll on MotoringVideos!

    Roxy sounds awesome!

    When you go over bumpy bits the audio goes crappy due to the headrest rattle. Still think you should consider the armrest mounting point.

    Were those MINI OEM roof racks, and if so, does the roof need to be drilled like on the R50/53 to mount them?

    Was the Hot Chocolate an S?

    Thanks for posting – can’t wait till you drive one!

  2. That is the arm rest mounting point on exceptionally crappy roads. I’ve got another I’m working on right now that is much better. I agree, no more mounting on the headrest with my current setup. Way to clicky.

    I hope to drive a Clubman soon. I’m sure someone out there will let me test drive one.

  3. I haven’t watched the video, yet, but I have a suggestion on microphones. I bought an external microphone with something like a 30 foot cord from and clip the microphone to the e-brake boot. It works great on track days (when I don’t lose the foam sock on the mic) and it doesn’t pick up the rattling of the mechanism inside the camera. I posted some pics of my various mounting rigs on my blog about a year ago (which is probably the last time I posted there…).

  4. very cool! I only wish I could use an external mic. The flip video camera doesn’t have anyway to hook one up, and for right now, that’s all my budget allows for. I will be, however, working on a better mounting location/device to kill the rattle.

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