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I was talking with Mark earlier today and, sadly, he is looking to sell and

>Great sites with huge earning potential from ad space! My average annual income form these ads spots is $3000+

> is the best MINI News Portal out there! Every 15 minutes it pulls RSS feeds from all over the MINI web and gives users the news as its happening.

>It runs on the easiest blog software out there, WORDPRESS.

> is the coolest spot to send your friends eCards focusing on our great little MINI.

Asking price is only $2800 for both sites and domain names. I’d buy them myself if I had the cash. You can get more information at NAM and contact Mark here.

Anyone of you interested?

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  1. Ian- I’m sure you know this but for the benefit of others you can quickly set-up a MINI folder in something like Google Reader that replicates this functionality and is completely customizable.

  2. Actually Gabe, I have no idea where the feeds are for many of the links (MINI2 for example).

    I’ve tried Google reader but I guess I’m simply more used to the simple layout of GoMotoring – although Google seems to be pretty smart … for example tonight it’s suggesting I add to my list ;)

  3. On the other hand, maybe GR is less smart … it has the original post excerpt from the R56 cold start story (as well as the current one); I guess that’s just part of Google’s habit to caching everything

  4. >Actually Gabe, I have no idea where the feeds are for many of the links

    For almost any site (including MINI2), you can click the RSS icon in your address bar, or in IE7, click on the RSS/Subscribe icon in the tool bar. You can do that on MINI2, for example, on the main page or in each forum, and possibly for each post, but I didn’t check.

  5. I don’t hold claim to RSS feeds nor do I think that GoMotoring has claim that I made reading RSS feeds better. What I will say is that while numerous technophile users out there don’t see a need for my site, most users are very happy that I provide a one stop NEWS PORTAL for MINI related news. This shows in my repeat visit stats on the site. I never wanted to compete with NAM or MF, I just wanted to make the average MINI owner a spot to get all their information from one location and be able to go the site with the information they wanted to read.

    When I got my MINI I surfed at least 15 sites a day and very few of them had anything new to say. GoMotoring took care of that problem for me and has now been quite useful for many, many MINI owners in the same way.

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