Something I’ll miss

As you already know, I’m not a huge fan of the sunroof. Well, actually I am, but summers in SoCal get pretty warm, and that sunroof makes the inside of the MINI hot like an oven. But there are some days, like yesterday, when it’s nice to have.

10am, driving to the office. Temperature was 75-78 degrees. Windows down, sunroof open, stereo straining to blast louder than the wind.


On days like yesterday, and probably today, I’ll miss the sunroof on my next MINI. Come June, July, August and September tho, forget it!

Maybe someone will come up with a better screen? If more of the sun was blocked, I’d re-think it for sure.

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  1. Poor db. We all feel soooo sorry for you. I wish I could open my sunroof in February but the weight of snow and ice on the roof is a bit of an obstacle. ;-)

  2. Sure, when the time comes. I know there is an R56 or R55 in my very near future.

    I mean, I did turn 183K miles today. Roxy’s not going to last forever!

  3. The issues is during the summer the interior of my car reaches close to 140F/60C. Even with a cover over the glass the interior will still get hot. The A/C can’t cope, so I have to drive with the windows down to let the super hot air out and the kinda hot air in for a few minutes.

    Oh yea, and the sun gets in my eyes.

    I know I know, I’m a terrible pain in the arse.

  4. My wife’s car has a sun roof and when she opens it up, my hairless head feels like a cooked lobster after just a few minutes. Because of that I got my R56 without the sunroof and I don’t regret it or miss it. Even with my black roof, the heat in the car during the summer isn’t bad at all (of course the bay area isn’t nearly as bad as when I lived in the Imperial Valley).

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