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In case you have not been keeping up with Motoringfile this week, Gabe re-opened the News Room!

>Today we’ve (once again) added a new way to read MINI related news from around the web. Some long time MF readers may remember the old 2005 edition of the NewsRoom. While the site proved successful, we eventually had to shelve the concept due to not enough time to devote to developing it. However we’re happy to announce that, starting today, it’s back.

MF, if you have forgotten, was the first MINI site with an RSS feed, so it’s appropriate that Gabe got it going again. It’s still very much in beta as more feeds are added and the design/layout gets tweaked a bit, but it is very much functional.

Definitely worth checking out! Besides, I kinda helped get it going again, so it’s the least I can do to help promote it ;)

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