I guess I was due

Get in the car after work tonight like normal.

Get on I405S to connect to the toll road like normal.

Get about 1/4 mile. I’m trying to avoid the knucklehead in the lane next to me squeezing into my lane while I’m still in it.

And then


Out of nowhere I get nailed from behind.

I didn’t see anyone come up from behind in my mirrors or go around after.

I was hit pretty hard too. Travelling at about 60MPH, the force of the impact pushed me forward out of the seat until the seat belts grabbed (I didn’t hit anything). Once the seatbelts grabbed I was pulled back with enough force to break the seat!.

I think I’m ok. My back is a bit sore that I am hoping won’t get worse by morning.

Roxy faired pretty well too considering. The rear bumper and boot hatch are broken or bent and the drivers seat is broken. I couldnt’ tell if there was anything else wrong or not.

I had to sit on the side of the road for a few minutes while Roxy rebooted after the sudden shock. She started right up and I was able to get off the freeway to side streets. Here are some crappy pics of the damage:

Did I mention the driver that hit me didn’t even stop?

Anyway, I’m home safe and Roxy is sitting at Crevier, first in line for tomorrow.

I’ll put up a full account tomorrow. I need a hot shower and a bed.

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  1. NoooooOOOO!!!! Dang man, I’m really sorry to hear about that, but I’m glad you came out ok. Keep us posted on what happens.

    P.S. Do I hear MCS?

  2. That really sucks. Not only getting hit, but the jerk doesn’t stop either. Glad you’re okay.

  3. Crap, so sorry to hear that. Glad that you’re ok though and the damage doesn’t look super bad. What’s up with all the ignorant mf’ers on the road right now?? Hanging’s too good for ’em!

  4. Oh no! So this guy hit & run?? You should at least submit a description to the police even if you dont have a plate, you never know what or who it will match (they’re running for a reason).

    Does the boot still open and close OK? I hope nothing is out of line and major.

  5. Total hit and run….best part is that I did not get a look at the car that hit me, but I have a feeling who it was, which I will post shortly.

    All the doors open and close, including the boot eventhough it is dented. All of the windows open and close, including the sunroof. As far as I can tell the only damage is to the drivers seat and rear bumper. I’ll know Monday after Crevier has had a chance to look her over.

  6. Damn dude! Glad you’re ok. Sorry the “odds” finally caught up with you. I’ve had my share of accidents, none of them my fault, and I know how much it sucks.

    Keep us up to date and take care.

  7. Damn, Don. WTF? That completely & utterly sucks. Hope you’re OK–and that you’re able to get after the scumbiotch who hit you.

    Hang in there.

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