I guess I was due, part 2

And, yes, the rhyme was intentional!


I was unable to actually see who or what hit me. I was hit, slammed forward, shock my head clear and coasted to a stop.

About 100 yards from where I stopped there was a very bad accident. Turns out someone in a white Toyota (I believe) blacked out and took the ramp at freeway speeds, ending at the rear of a BMW 325. Most of us know that is that last car you want to rear end, especially if stopped. Like hitting a concrete wall and looking at the damage to the white car, that’s what it looked like.

The highway patrol officer that assisted me was also at this scene. He thinks that there might be a *chance* that they guy who blacked out was the one that hit me, but since nobody knows where or when he actually blacked out, he wasn’t able to say for sure, which I completely understood.

I think the guy blacked out in the fast lane or #2 lane, swerved and mashed the go pedal, bounced off of me and started the horrible accident ahead. Investigations are forth coming.

On the plus side, I did see something I’ve never seen before. A SG/SG MC with Aero kit and holeys! I have a picture I’ll post later, but it looked very very cool!

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  1. Hopefully the insurance investigators will find out more.

    Glad to hear you’re at least in semi-good spirits. Maybe we’ll se you this Saturday?

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