MINI Hybrid

I’ve written about this in the past, but for anyone that is interested…

Filmed on location at the 2005 New York International Auto show, WB’s Julia Chang put the British Embassy Mini Cooper through its paces before testing the Jin Bike and E-Cobra urban vehicle. The Mini Cooper, built for the British Embassy in Mexico City, is part of Hybrid Technologies’ ever expanding list of high profile projects.

Viewers from across North America will have the ability to see Hybrid Technologies’ vehicles in action on the WB11 Friday, April 22, 2005 (Earth day), during their award-winning and highly-rated morning show. The show will be the media debut for a leading-edge urban vehicle, the R-bike, a high-performance, lithium-powered bicycle.

For those of you not familiar, Hybrid Techologies has built an electric MINI for the British Embassy in Mexico City that can go about 90 MPH and has a range of over 100 miles!

Check your local WB Station programming to see if it’s available for you. I’m going to try to check it out.

Me? I’d drive an electric car if:

  1. I could drive to Las Vegas (approx. 250 miles)
  2. At the speed limit (75 MPH)
  3. Running the A/C
  4. They didn’t cost a bazillion dollars

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  1. Actually, that’s right about the outlet center…but there is that big chunk of downhill from Hisperia to Barstow, perhaps some coasting?

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