Roxy Update

This morning finds Roxy in the body shop after Crevier had her in the shop for 2 days. I think they were only making a list of what needs to be done so my insurance inspector can sign off on the work. In fact, the insurance inspector guy will be visiting Roxy today at High Tech Auto Body in Santa Ana to sign off on everything and leave a check (says my adjuster).

I have spoken with the body shop and expressed to them the fact that I want them to be extremely thorough. With the force that I was hit I want them to check EVERYTHING to make sure it’s ok. Also, I just don’t want to have to go back and fight with them, Crevier or the insurance company. I also don’t want my tires to squeal when I’m driving in a straight line or spin uncontrollably while pulling into the supermarket parking lot. I want everything fixed. Correctly. The first time. I don’t care if it does take an extra week.

I should get a call from the body shop today with more information.

Oh yea, I am not able to use my uninsured motorist policy for any of the damage. As it turns out, Allstate needs to actually see a motorist that does not have insurance before that part of the policy would come into effect. Since the motorist that hit me is unknown, it can not be determined if said motorist has insurance or not. I guess you can’t fault the logic. Still makes me mad that I have to use my insurance and pay my deductible to get the work done.

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  1. When my wife “slightly” rear ended a van a couple of months ago, $3500 in damage, High Tech did a great job with replacing all the damaged parts, straightening out the bent hood and repainting the whole front end Indi Blue. They did a perfect job matching the paint and the surface finish was far superior to the factory paint.

    They were very thorough in investigating damaged parts and found several the adjuster had missed.


  2. That is very good to hear!

    I am familiar with their work and have every confidence Roxy will be back looking as good or better than when she went in!

  3. Don’t we just love insurance companies … back in England, our home insurers cancelled the policy when we had two break-ins in as many weeks! :(

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