If you need gas…

This is for you in the West…

If you are needing gas, might I recommend that you go out and fill up today. The midwest has already been affected, gas price wise, by Katrina. We are next.

Gas that my company is purchasing tonight is $.40 more per gallon than last week. Yes, I said $.40!.

That means we will be paying at least $3.60 OR MORE by the end of this week!

Some things to do to help out your gas mileage…

  • If you are due for an oil change, make it happen
  • Tire Pressure, tire pressure, tire pressure. It is listed on your sidewall. Don’t go over until you don’t mind having the center of your tire go bald before the shoulders
  • Air Filter element. If you are still using your factory airbox and the filter hasn’t been changed for a while, now would be a great time. Available from your dealers parts desk or from Moss MINI and MINI Mania. If you are using a cleanable element, now would be a good time to clean and re-oil
  • Keep your foot out of it!
  • Change your shift points. Drop your shift points by 1K RPM or shift at 3K RPM’s

Even if you only pick a few of these, you could still get an increase of 3-5MPG. Sure, it’s not much, but every little bit helps.

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  1. If it is hot outside:

    – Under 35 MPH, roll down your windows for cooling

    – At or over 35 MPH, roll up your windows and use the AC (or vent).

    35 MPH is the tipping point where the increased drag from the rolled-down windows costs more energy than running the AC.

  2. I tried that today.

    I’m almost positive that it might have something to do with the fact that I have gone 260 miles and my gas gauge needle is just a little bit beyond the half way mark and the OBC says I still have over 200 miles of fuel left.

    Drive like an old lady? When I’m paying $3.50 a gallon for gas I do!

  3. The tire pressure on the sidewall of tires is the MAXIMUM pressure for that tire. The recommended pressure is listed in your owner’s manual and sometimes on the label on your driver’s side door.

  4. After a trip across the country, I discovered that the Cooper WILL run fine on 89 octane. I put 91 in there until the prices started to kick my pants. Regular gas is not a good idea (spits farts and coughs like mad, yes I tried it when I was broke and in Nevada), but mid-grade runs fine. You’ll get more kick and go from 91, but it’s not worth the price right now.

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