Not a MINI

But still a total kick to ride!

Out at Cottonwood Cove to do some IT work last week. My folks recently came across what has to be one of the greatest deals of the century in purchasing this craft.

Anyway, it is smokin’ fast and handles like a MINI on the water! I had it up to 51MPH and through it into a turn and it just stuck! Ride was very stable at speed too. Overall, a vehicle I wouldn’t mind having in my driveway.


I need to pick up some floaties or something for my glasses. That way, when I try to do some cool stunts and get thrown off, my glasses won’t sink to the bottom of the lake.

One reply on “Not a MINI”

  1. Yeah dude! I love jet ski’s and wave runners. I used to work at a rental place every summer and would go out and ride every single day… they’re a blast!

    Oh, and yeah, I have several pairs of sunglasses at the bottom of the ocean :D

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