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  1. They have that MINI on the lot at Crevier right now, except without LSD, with a sunroof and auto, without the white wheels. It sure looks bitchen.

  2. DB – I hate to tell you this but I’m cursing the fact that I didn’t do it sooner. Now I can barely wait the 3-4 more weeks until it arrives.

  3. I’m cursing the fact that I didn’t do it last month when I thought I could. I’m setting stuff up here so that I can make this possible perhaps by the end of summer. At least I didn’t drive one yet :D

  4. What happened to the dealing you were doing a while back?

    I’m back to thinking about a trade-up, especially after spending time at Brecht’s today looking at all the shiny new ones on the lot (hardly any MCS convertibles tho). The downpayment is the kicker…..

  5. I did some computations and they came back saying negative on the upgrade at this time. That’s why I’m hopeful by the end of summer. But, if I wait that long, I might just hold out until ’07 maybe for a clubman instead :)

  6. so work has been dull enough for me to spend the morning configurating… picked out a nice S convertible in cool blue which I hadn’t seen irl before this morning. But it sure is a lot of money, I wonder just how much a difference I’d notice if I went down to the base model convertible and save the 3K. Be more affordable and better for the gas between work and home…..

  7. I can tell you in mine, with K&N Intake and Borla exhaust I can go 380-400 miles before having to fill up.

  8. what do you think about difference in performance? Would I find it sluggish in comparison? I must admit, it does seem like anything new should be an S, though.

  9. oh yea…huge difference in performance. I’m short close to 50HP from an ’05, maybe a little more. over 30 on yours. It is definitely noticeable that’s for sure.

    But, if you want improved economy, it would be worth the switch. That, or you could start driving like an old woman :D

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