A little help

And I do mean a little…but to help out in covering the cost of that dumbass hitting me, I’ve put in some google ads. Don’t worry, if you stay current you won’t even see them (same with you RSS readers). But, if you are feeling so inclined in helping me to cover at least some of my insurance deductible, feel free to give a click!

5 replies on “A little help”

  1. I’d love to help you out by clicking on them, but I can’t find them! Where are they hidden? Maybe you should make them more apparent if you want to make something off them. :)

  2. I didn’t want to be blatant…they are well below the fold, after all the links on the main index page only.

  3. More than happy to throw a click or two your way. This is the place I learned all the “tricks” to tracking my MINI during production (June ’03). And I’d hate to see it go away.

  4. AWESOME! Y’all rock.

    It’s not much, but every little bit helps, right?

    I do appreciate it!

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