Indio Tamale Festival

FINALLY got to attend an SCMM event! This one right in my backyard too!

The destination? The Indio Tamale Festival.

The Route? There were two meetup points for this run. One for those that came from San Diego or the IE. The other was for those coming from LA and points north. That group got to run the full Palms to pines section of Highway 74. I met with the SD group and only got to drive a short portion of it. That’s ok by me, because most of it looked like this:
highway 74

Yea, not too shabby.

Besides tamales and seeing a bunch of club regulars again, we stopped at Vista Point. Of course we drew a crowd, which included:
Porsche Carrera Turbo

Yea, 1 Porsche Carrera Turbo. Complete with ceramic brakes, magnesium wheels, 600 (!) HP and weight quite a bit less than a MINI. Dude showed off for us a bit and it looked like he did 0-way faster than the limit in about 100 feet!

I really need to get out and do these more often. I forgot how fun it is to drive with about 40 other MINI owners. Oh yea, didn’t hurt that the high for the day was 72, not a cloud in the sky and only a gentle breeze. Everyone was looking for sunscreen!

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5 replies on “Indio Tamale Festival”

  1. Wife was sick in bed all weekend so that sealed the deal on whether we were going to come. Cool that two SCMM’rs stopped at our local Jack for beverages, tripled the MINI count in town for a while.

  2. actually it was my wife who said she saw two MINIs at the Jack, I was at home wondering where she had gone.

    But what the hell were people doing coming back via Brawley for heaven’s sakes!

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