Is this where it starts?

Just turned 100K, right? Roxy has been running strong as ever. Especially since it’s been cooling down here in California, she really loves opening up on some of the twistier roads for a quick romp.

So this must be the time for the weird stuff to start going wrong. I currently have 1 burned out headlamp (I’ll be replacing that this week) and yesterday I went to turn on the A/C and warm air came out. I thought it was odd because when I hit the switch I didn’t the regular shudder/stumple when stopped at a light that I normally get.

I hope it just needs a recharge. I’ll keep you posted.

2 replies on “Is this where it starts?”

  1. I’m checking them today. I don’t get the check engine light and when I turn on the A/C everything else lights up as it should. Thanks for the tip!

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