The latest fad?

Myself and jSchwa say no, but I thought I would bring it to you, the faithful readership.

Our good friends at redwhitecooper have suggested that CB radio’s are, in fact, the next greatest thing to come to the MINI Community. You can see the picture of his installation here (I’d post, but it’s at photobucket).

What say you? I’m going to stick with the cell phone and talk-about radio. I just don’t think I could find a handle I’d be happy with ;)

7 replies on “The latest fad?”

  1. And will we need to get those funky swollen forehead caps with mesh sides to wear? A chrome nekkid long-haired woman profile arching her back over the brake lights? Do I see a 5-gallon Thermosâ„¢ sittin’ in the rear cupholder?

    10-4 Rubber Duck . . .

  2. I actually have a copy of Eastbound and Down floating around here someplace. Ask nice and I might share. :)

  3. We use FRS on our mini runs, but CBs sure would work much nicer, but you couldn’t possibly expect everyone to have one like you could with FRS.

    Of course I have portable CB and Ham radios that I have certainly used in my MINI. :)

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