Hummers not selling?

According to this:

Lots of Hummers

When the counting was done, there were about 150 H2s in lot #2, for a grand total of around three hundred Hummers, just looking for someone to love them. In the above picture notice the attendant and the red 5-gallon gas cans – based on a brief conversation with this young man, we didn’t sense any love from him.

Definitely worth checking out. Quite funny really. Makes me feel all that much better for not only buying a MINI, but getting ready to buy yet another.

Although I’d bet you could get a deal on one of those at this point…

Hummer Overfloweth || Thanks jSchwa

4 replies on “Hummers not selling?”

  1. Well, I can tell you that it won’t be another Hummer that’s for sure.

    Full write up in progress :)

  2. If you read later articles on their site, they own up to the whole thing being satire – they saw a bunch of Hummers and thought it would make a funny story to accompany the picture. Looks like they got a lot of hate mail about it :)

    And, yes, do tell!

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