I know many of you have been reading dbmini since the beginning, but I would guess that even more haven’t.

I was cruising through the archives today and came across some really good posts. Instead of linking to them or making you dig them out, I’ll just repost them instead!

and tonight I have a MINI

Got the call today! Roxy was at the dealer. spent the better part of the afternoon getting all of my paperwork together and in order. Went down to Crevier and met with Eddie Barker, their creative financing genius. He hooked a brutha up. I got to keep my old car, got a shorter term (60 months instead of 72), but I had to take a small hit on the interest, which is okay because I’ll be making extra payments anyway. So, paper work done? check!

Christian tells me that Roxy might be ready tonight! So I say great and get back to the office, hoping nobody is too mad about my 3.5 hour lunch. He said he would call either way. Well, at 5:15 he called and said she would be ready by 6:00! WOW!!!

had a few more papers to sign, mostly for the permaplate (which I’ll have installed in a couple of weeks). I was in no rush, so I just hung out with the sales guys, talking about color combos and what not. Christian went in the back and pulled Roxy around! she was beautiful! BRG with the white roof, mirros and wheels is truly awesome, and looks great. Just after he pulled her around, he had to take a call (major customer service issue that he handled like a pro), and I didn’t mind waiting. When he got off the phone, he came out, we put in my mats and he gave me the orientation. took his time, showed me where everything was and what toggle did what and how the steering wheel worked. I hung on every word. Shook his hand and drove off the lot. And it was awesome!

I’ve already put 100 miles on Roxy, and it was like a dream. I love the ride, stiff but not so bad that it’s bouncy. power, both stop and go, to spare, and she corners like a go-cart on tracks! truly awesome! for those of you still waiting, well worth it. and, to those of with the words of support (you know who you are) THANK YOU! someday I hope to be able to thank you all in person.

This now ends the order portion of my blog. it’s been almost 4 months, and I’m glad the wait is over.

from here on out, it will be the motor blog!

Thank you again…db

I’ll repost another in about a week. Oh yea, I’m not ignoring your comments from the previous post, I’m just still working on the post :)

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  1. Ah HA! A reader that hasn’t gone back through the archives. Yes, Roxy I was a BRG/W MCS (package 1 & 2). I put 3k miles on her before giving her back due to issues with the bank. Roxy II, you are correct, is Velvet Red/White (VR/W) MC fully loaded (for an ’03 MC) minus Nav and PDC.

    Oh yea, I linked you like forever ago too ;). Where do you think all the links on GoMotoring come from? :)

  2. I suffer from information overload. It took me three weeks to listen to the last three woofcasts, and if I don’t plow through the 200 some-odd feeds in NetNewsWire every day, I quickly end up with a couple thousand unread items. Very un-GTD, I’ll admit… So, I don’t get a lot of time to go through and read every blog start to finish, but I guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight. ;-)

    I don’t see myself on (holy ego check, Batman!), so I wouldn’t have made that connection. I didn’t know you were involved with him. I probably don’t have enough MINI content to warrant syndication there. :-)

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