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mini headlight

Hit 270,000 on the odometer last week. The thousand miles before included some great trips, including one out to Southern California to wish SCMM a happy 10th birthday and a trip out to the drags here in AZ. I didn’t run, this time, but am seriously considering it before they close the track at Firebird Raceway.

Also, much more recently than that, I drove a friend out to the Peralta Trailhead in Arizona. He fancies a long hike and was out for almost 48 hours enjoying the Arizona mountains. He cut his trip a little short due to a very uncommon rain pattern. It’s been raining in AZ for almost 4 days straight. Very strange.

The road to the trailhead was your typical unmaintained county road. All dirt, mostly washboard, very much due for a grading. After a few days of rain, it was nice and muddy, also being made up, in sections, of red clay.

We already know that the MINI is great in the snow, but did you know it’s pretty ok in the mud too? Sure, I had to turn DSC off more than once to keep the tires spinning and momentum going, but Roxy pulled through like it’s what she was born to do.

Don’t be afraid to drive your cars! Get them dirty, take the road less travelled. It’s a machine, and it’s what they are meant to do. What they were built to do. What they **like** to do. Enjoy the slide show of a very dirt MINI below.

I owe you guys more stuff. About the drags and upcoming events. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hey DB
    I love the saguaro (I assume they are saguaro) especially in the rain!

    We often go hiking / bush walking in Australia; and I often take my R56 on roads that arent that Mini friendly. A recent walk made me seriously think about a SUV; very steep hills. But the Mini made it there and back. And I find the rough stuff is usually the last 1% of the trip, and the other 99% is so ideal in a Mini.

    Great photos. Keep up the great work!

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