10 years ago today I brought my MINI, Roxy, home for the first time. Since then, I have logged **271,744 miles**. And it is still the best car I have ever owned.

For the nerds out there, some crazy stats.

  • Approximately 550 car washes
  • About 200 quarts of oil
  • Over 10,000 gallons of gasoline
  • 2 clutches
  • 5-6 complete sets of tires
  • 4-5 sets of brakes

I’m working my way toward 300,000 and hope to hit it during MTTS2014. Oh yea, she will be making that trip.

Thanks and Happy Birthday Roxy. You still look as hot as ever!

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  1. And how many friends made in those 10yrs, not to mention discovering your Raison d’Etre…here’s to 10 more.

  2. Roxy is a big part of the reason I own a Cooper today, and not a Cooper S. Over 80K on my 2010 R56 Cooper already…and I plan to keep it forever.

    1. Thanks Hoover! Although, I’d like the think that the Cooper is a big reason you own one. But I’ll let Roxy take the assist ;).

      Besides, more than 120 horsepower is just a waste!

  3. Awesome, congrats! Is amazing to think how many years this community has been around!

    1. Thanks Josh!

      Really is amazing. Everything and everyone that’s been doing MINIs this long. We should get medals or maybe I’ll get Todd to make us a special badge!

  4. Wow! Congratulations!! Yours is absolutely beautiful! I just bought a 2003 MINI (no “S”)with 80k miles on it. I hope the previous owner changed the oil regularly. They said they did. They also replaced the axels and struts in Sept, just wondering why that would have been necessary.

    1. Thanks Deb!

      Axels are struts are wear items. Axels that last for 10 years is really good. Both of mine gave out at 7 and 9. And the struts are your shocks, so they do a lot of work. Again, lasting for almost 10 years is pretty impressive!

      Congratulations on your MINI! Best car I have ever owned and I hope it does well for you too!

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