Notes and updates

So, right. A few more minor things have been completed to help my journey to 300K come to fruition.

During the Phoenix Tech Day at Eurotechs, while Todd was busy installing graphics, I had Roxy up on the lift for an oil change and to have the oil drain plug re-sleeved. Seems time before my last oil change, the re-installation of the drain plug cross threaded the holes. Jerry _kinda_ fixed it at my last oil change and it’s been on his list of things to correct on my car. So it has been.

Something that has been bothering me for sometime is the drip rail. It has just been looking pretty shabby. A question to ask about replacing it came back with some of the most ridiculous pricing I have ever heard. Almost $400, just in parts, to replace that. So it was suggested that I plasti-dip it, which I did. A week in and it still looks fantastic. I also plasti-dipped the scuttles (which are overdue for replacement). Before any of you jump all over me for this, stop. I’m not having it, it’s already done. It’s not like I plasti-dipped the wheels or the entire car. I’ll report back on how it holds up.

The day after, Todd installed the White Roof Radio sunroof delete kit, version 2.0 (AZ edition). Currently a blank white canvas waiting for some coolness.

Lastly, I just had to replace the passenger side window regulator. You will recall the drivers side gave up the ghost last June. I’m surprised this one lasted that long. Just about 10 years. As a bonus, while the window was apart, Jerry did some cleaning on the window motor so I shouldn’t have to “Fonzi” it for a while.

Next on the sooner than later list is the valve cover gasket. Like, before AMVIV sooner than later. It’s not gushing, but it’s leaking enough that I’m smelling oil burning on the exhaust manifold. The part is cheap and I was again cleared by Jerry to do the fix, but I think I’m going to let him do it. At the same time, if not sooner, will be the installation of a new rear wiper motor (because I like to see where I’ve been).

Finally, not really on the list of things but kinda, is headlamps. Mine are faded and hazed over to the point where the lenses no longer polish clear. Replacements are about $200 each. What was interesting is that I can get ’06 JCW GP headlights instead and save about $30 a side! Not only that, but they look cooler! At least I think they do. I have a few things to do before I can get to that (like window re-tint), and I rarely drive at night, no it’s not a huge item, but will be nice when I am able to get that done.

I spent the weekend with some claybar, cleaner/wax and NXT. You know there will be photos coming soon, right?

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  1. Got any pics of the side scuttles? Mine have faded and I’m trying to decide what to do about it.. Was thinking of just spray painting them black (undecided on flat or gloss)

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