Lots of MINI”s today

Driving into work today…

On Ortega Hwy heading East as I was going west an EB/B and PW/B MCS. On I5 north before Hwy. 73 a CR/B with keen black stripes. After lunch a PS/B MC on Fairview turning onto Southcoast.

Driving home…
CR MCS Cabrio and BRG MC Cabrio, both on Hwy 74 in Capistrano

Update on the Kumho’s
So far so good! A bit of rain this morning and Roxy was as sure footed as ever. I am starting to notice maybe a little bit of noise from the fronts, but I am still in dire need of love from the alignment rack which will hopefully happen next week. Overall, after almost 1K miles, I’m fairly pleased with them.

Updates on other stuff
Working on dialing in the new layout, plus I will be adding a new gallery system. Hope to have it all squared away in a few more weeks. Why so long? Well, I just finished this, plus I have to move that and start working on this.

Hey, it’s my site. I can blow my own horn every now and again, right? :D

lots of MINI’s today

During our twice monthly journey to LB, the lad and I usually spot a few MINI’s along the way. Today was no different.

Starting off on highway 73 (the toll road from SJC to Newport Beach), saw not 1 but 2 VR/W not but 5 minutes apart. A bit further north, saw a CR/W or two on the 405, and then saw Mikey and J/C zoom by. Saw 1 or two in Long Beach also.

And, some possible bad news from the doctor last week. Been having trouble with my left knee of late. Well, ok, maybe the last 6 months or so. He was leaning pretty heavily toward the fact that I’ve been driving a standard transmission car for as long as I can remember. I’m going to hold off until x-rays are taken before I even worry about it.