Man I’m cool!

Like I had to tell you that. ;)

But seriously, thanks to Hubie and Brian up at the Fireballed! shop, who made Roxy look like this:

I now, once again, have AIR CONDITIONING! WOOHOO!

Of course, Roxy had to be hooked up to this contraption first:

To recharge the system, which now blows at a nice and cool 55F/13C.

Ok, now it’s time for a new windshield!

6 replies on “Man I’m cool!”

  1. Cool? No…

    With the MINI’s AC, you are more likely to be ‘moderately tepid’ than ‘cool’… Definately nowhere near ‘ice cold’

  2. I would have to agree. But the air is coming out of the vents at 55F/13C, so that’s pretty good for me

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