so, I’m a little off

Mileage update:

  • Beginning ODO: 127085
  • Gallons: 24.54 (2 tanks)
  • Ending ODO: 127905

Total MPG: 33.42

Like I said, I’m a bit off of my last readings due to a trip to Lake Mohave (and having to, ahem, exceed the limit in a game of catch up) but overall I’m fairly pleased with these results. I’ll be doing 1 more tank to see if I can bring that up a little bit as I have some serious catching up to do!

4 replies on “so, I’m a little off”

  1. My daughter’s ’03 MC is getting a whopping 22 and less I wonder what’s wrong with it? When I drove it from Boston to here it was getting that kind of mileage.

  2. with mileage like that, I think a trip to the dealer would definitely be in order. Something is definitely wrong.

  3. Yup, that’s what I told her to do but she’s 37 and too busy for that nonsense and her warranty is nearly up. Kids, cant live with can’t kill’em, joke.

  4. Kids, cant live with can’t kill’em, joke.

    Dang, really? I thougth for sure that would be the only way I’d be able to deal with the lad once he hits 15 ;)

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