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  1. I ran 500+miles in one day last summer, from Norwalk,Connecticut to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Was running 80+ mph and didn’t give a damn about mpg. Hey! radar/laser detection and jamming is a wonderful thing!

    Was wondering who has the highest miles on a MINI now – maybe that’s another contest tho….. :)

  2. 500+ miles????? How did you get a MINI One -D over here in the states? Was the conversion difficult? Did you have a tough time with getting a license plat or any smog issues? ;)

    That’s a lot of miles on a tank. My best is 450, but I still had a few miles to go on the obc.

  3. Four hundred miles in my MC here also.
    Drove from San Fransisco to Norwalk, CA back in April. Got home and noticed the needle was below ‘E’ so drove another two miles to fill-up station to gas up.

  4. This post is totally depressing. I can’t even type my best MCS mileage without tears.

    So Peter says he ran 500 miles in a day? Thats pretty good going, though I say we wait for the testosterone test before we declare him the winner.

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