My take on the ’05’s

Had to make a stop at Crevier MINI today. While there I got the opportunity to check out 2 of the new colors plus a cabriolet.

First of all with the convertible. The one on the lot was BRG with Cordoba Beige interior. The things I liked:
~Chrome trim rings on the gauges
~Chrome roll bars
~New wheels

I still can’t get past the overall shape. I saw it with both the top up and down and it still looks not quite right. The boot space is almost identical in size to what we have now as far as width and depth, but not height. Don’t plan on going anywhere in this MINI with 4 passengers for longer than a weekend. The rear seats do fold down, which gives you the opportunity to carry a full sized refrigerator if need be, or at the very least, a Christmas Tree standing up. Overall I thought it was just ok.

I also saw the new Purple Haze and I am here to tell you that it truly is purple. There is no possible way that anyone would confuse this color for blue at all. All of the pictures that you have seen are just about spot on what the color is like. I will say that with a black roof it did look pretty sharp.

I also saw a $40K MINI! Color was Hyper Blue and in the showroom it looked quite bitchen! It also had the JCW kit, including the new JCW 18" rims. Also very very sharp. Lapis Blue and everything else rounded it off. It was really nice, as you would expect from the price tag.

BTW, if you are in the market for a CR MCS, Crevier is the lot for you. They have 2 MCS40’s plus 2 or 3 regular MCS’s on the lot.

And, if you are still looking for the Z8 Alpina, Crevier BMW still has it in the showroom too. I asked and they are still waiting for you to come by and pick it up.

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  1. This reminds me of a sign that used to hang in one of the bars I worked in so many years ago. The sign read simply Free Beer Tomorrow. The funny thing is that it said that the next day, creating an infinite loop of tomorrows, much like groundhog day.

    So, of course I’ll get you that check…tomorrow

    Man, sometimes I just kill me! :D :D

  2. So how do te new tailights look in person? From pics they seem really flat, simple and not as cool as the original covers. I love the design of the originals they had a real designer-ish feel, you know like some bean counter didn’t get ahold of them. I’m not a fan of those after market lights, not saying they are bad just not my taste….RB

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