Not MINI related

So, you are sitting in your office bored silly. Already read all of the posts at NAM, MINI2 and your Club’s message board. Finished off all the post over at too? Including the How-To’s (again?)?

So then, cruise over to The young and honorable jSchwa has assembled for you the best of the worst. He spends hours combing through random blogs looking for the bad, the ugly and poorly written. But his finds are special. They are soooo bad that they are actually funny! Anyway, if you are looking for something a bit different to read and get a giggle, it’s worth checking out.

Otherwise, I’m track bound on Friday. SOWS again, this time with Red Line Racing Events. I’ll have a full report after the fact to be sure. Might even have some pictures too.

As far as pictures go, I am in the process of building out a new gallery system and moving the current gallery pages into it. Don’t worry, I’ll post when I start and when I’m done so you can check it out!