SOWS, again

Went out yesterday with Red Line Track Events to run The Streets of Willow Springs for the day. They did an ok job with it, but I think RacerFactory is more organized and runs things a bit smoother. Also, Redline only has 1 or 2 instructors, and to get any quality time with them, you have to spend an extra $40. Probably worth it if you need it. But, if it were me, I’d only go out with Redline if you are looking for a cheap track day and don’t really need or want an instructor.

The track was still great. I had a hard time finding my line for the first session, then it came back to me. I’m starting to realize that driving a car fast on a track is much like playing golf. If you don’t do it everyday, everything you learned from the last time gets totally lost and you starting shanking your shots! It was still fun.

As an added bonus, I got 2 laps in an SCMM members MCS (pulley, MTH, intake, oneball exhaust, front and rear sway, M7 springs). This was a huge mistake! I forgot what it was like to have the extra power. That, and with the suspension mods, I could literally point and shoot the car right where I wanted it to go. Liftoff oversteer? Yea, that too. Just for giggles, I went ahead and checked my time for both laps. The first was a bit over 1:44, the second was a little bit more than 1:43 (and I totally chunked turn 3). For reference, the fastest laps I could pull in Roxy were right at 1:50, give or take a second.

Yea, time to start giving serious consideration to switching back over to the MCS camp…

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  1. That Black MC with the MM decal on the rear window flew like a bat outta hell with a time near 1:43 It was a Stock Cooper, first time on the track… and … a girl.

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