Podcast #5

Todd and I are at it again! #5 is ready for your download pleasure.

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Topic: Car care/detailing

-Discussion about polish, wax, clay bar and auto wash soap
-Do not eat or drink car care products
-Next week’s special guest (oh no, you have to listen)
-New features for the podcast

I missed Acetone. After careful consideration, not such a great idea since the chrome on our cars is actually chromed plastic, not chrome metal. So, ignore that part.

Since we covered such a broad topic, we did go a little long (47:31). We both re-listened and we think we covered a lot of ground and it went well. Next time, we’ll split the broad topics into multiple episodes…or not. Let us know what you think!

Next week’s topic will be about Dealer service. Comments or short stories? send them to us at radio (at) dbmini (dot) us

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7 replies on “Podcast #5”

  1. Bravo! You guys are doing great!! And I love the humor you guys add in. Makes it so fun. Keep up the awesome work. Oh yeah, I want to go to So Cal too.

  2. Cool… As you know many of us are varying degrees of nuts at keeping our MINIs clean. My page is here:

    Bucket wash and NXT is great, but I do highly encourage you to try Mr. Clean and Zaino!

    Can you link to a place that sells those inline water filters? I can see them having several uses. Do they cut a lot off hose pressure though?

  3. Just some more comments (sorry I’m listening in section as time allows)

    Just because the “best” way to apply zaino takes hours and many zaino accessory chemicals, the Zaino Z2 is the base of all you really need. A $14.95 bottle lasts well over a year, you can’t call that expensive. And on a normal day you can do two coats in a hour.

    And before others attack me, of course, adding Z5 and multiple coats etc. is better. But you get 80% there with just the Z2 and applying like other wax. The effort savings alone due to the ease of buffing is alone worth it, let alone the look and protection.

    (Alternately, you may have been referring to the $100 bottle of Zymol..that’s a whole new ball of wax!) :)

  4. Very entertaining, guys! The interaction between you two is great. Yes, I listened to the WHOLE thing. :) Just a few comments I wanted to share…

    On the Mr. Clean dealio- that might work in states where your water is fairly pure to begin with, but here in Southern CA my experience has been it still spots like crazy and there is no way to get around drying your car, so save your money and skip the Mr. Clean contraption. After I use a water blade then jumbo microfiber towel to dry my MINI, I bust out the air compressor with a long air nozzle at the end of the hose and blow out the excess water from the grills and crevases everywhere. Then there are no spots that appear after driving the car for the first time. It’s also a good way to dry intricate wheels!

    Regarding cleaning tinted windows- that’s correct that you should NEVER use a product containing amonia on tinted windows. The amonia is what turns tinted windows that nasty purple color. Stoner’s rules! :)

    I’ve used Zaino and Meguiar’s NXT and like both and alternate between them. Zaino is really best when you have a day to devote to doing it right and do 2-3 coats for that glass-like finish. Ideally, you should clay bar your MINI before you wax it each time. I use Mother’s clay bar with the Meguiar’s Quick Detailer spray (an awesome product). Anyway, both wax products are very low on dust residue which is awesome. Carnuba might get you a deeper color, but it deteriorates quicker than synthetic waxes like NXT.

    One last thing- for those with the leather interior I’ve found Zaino’s leather cleaner and conditioner (2 separate products) to be the best after trying a bunch of stuff (including some super expensive, super smelly junk!).

    Keep up the good podcasting!

  5. from Todd:

    Here’s the link to the manufacturer and the exact water filter I use – Click here
    You can buy it online here – or check a local camping/RV supply store.

    This particular filter does not cut the flow of water down much if any at all. I use it in-line in front of my power washer with no issues.

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