podcast #5.5

Like a podcasting machine we are…actually, just trying to keep you interested and listening.


  • We are not Zaino haters…really!
  • We both live in the middle of nowhere
  • We will try to keep the podcasts shorter
  • Todd is a mac guy, db on windows…who’s the bigger geek?
  • Sunday’s episode review…Dealer service and Gabe with the news (no, really)
  • Our first *easter egg*. No, you have to listen to the whole thing. I will tell you that it is past the end…just listen
  • New domain, new features for the podcast, new features on dbmini and other geek-type stuff

Thanks again for listening gang! Comments or questions leave them here in the show note comments or email us at radio (at) dbmini (dot) us.

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4 replies on “podcast #5.5”

  1. I really enjoyed podcast 5 – it was not too long for me. Would prefer 15 to 30 minute podcasts. (if you can handle that !)The part I liked the most was the honest experience driven discussion with real details. Look forward to podcasts on technical stuff (pros & cons of suspension bars, track days, oil changes/brake jobs, etc..) Thanks a bunch guys !!

  2. Great stuff guys! I take issue with a few things, but I look forward to getting into the office on Mondays now that I know a new podcast will be waiting for me. I almost laughed myself out of my desk chair when I heard 5.5.

    If there is a Zaino pyramid, I hope I’m at the top! I grew up with Meguiars and NuFinish… As long as a process works for you, go for it.

    [agranger now steps up on the Zaino Soapbox (or pyramid)]

    I’m still amazed at the resistance Zaino gets for being too complex and taking too long when it only has a few more steps (the main ones: (1) Wash with Dawn before Zainoing instead of your usual auto wash (2) Add a few drops of accelerant (ZFX) to the polish, shake and wait 15 min before using. Everything else is basically the same… just much better documented than most products.

    Zaino also gets bashed for being more expensive, but you only have to apply it half as often… nobody figures in the savings from half the number of applications and the cost of the time it would take you to reapply…

    Check out this link to a wax/sealant comparison: http://forums.roadfly.com/forums/detailing/forum.php?postid=5504326&page=1

  3. Sorry I am WAY behind on your podcasts and am trying to catch up. Here’s my comments on this one:

    (Yes I know I’ve covered this on my site)
    Zaino does NOT take all the time that you think. Actually, after using other waxes and their back-breaking work to buff off, it is much, much easier and quicker than normal waxes!

    I don’t know how you get Mr. Clean’s filter clogs easily. Please don’t go by its 10-wash rating which is obviously made to generate sales. I made it through the entire season last summer before my filter turned brown, and this year it’s on track to go just as long. And my city water is as hard as I’ve seen anywhere, without it I get water spots no matter how quick I try to dry it.

    And as a recommendation for drying products, I used to use the water blade, which is decent for large flat areas till it gets dirty or worn, But I highly recommend the Absorber, which is chamois-like but really made out of the PVA stuff that makes infomercial mops. Try it. You can find it in most dept stores.

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