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In order to keep track of things and keep all y’all up-to-date, I’m starting a new section here. For this, the inargural post, written before taking her back to Crevier to have them look at the clutch, I’ve assembled a list of priority items that I would like to get done.

  • Tires. At least 2 need to be replaced, sooner than later.
  • Rear brakes. Rotors and pads as soon as I get the right tool.
  • Struts and springs, donated by Chad Miller at Detroit Tuned (THANKS CHAD!)
  • Whatever else needs to be repaired or replaced on the front end.
  • Radiator and/or thermostat. I need to find the leak.
  • Valve cover and oil pan gasket. I already found that leak
  • Replace drive belt and tensioner.
  • New rear sway bar. New rear upper control arms.

If you would be interested in helping out, Todd has created a new Motoringbadge and decal to do just that.

Clutch Notes

When I picked my car up last week I noticed it was idling pretty rough. I chalked it up to the new clutch and it went away. This past Saturday, I heard a loug band and started getting some pretty nasty vibration when the car was in gear. There is a little bit of slipping, a metallic rattle that sounds like a piece of chain in hanging under the car and the starter is making a sound _that’s not quite right_.

Like I mentioned above, I’m taking her back to Crevier today. I’m certain they will get everything sorted out.

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  1. Hey DB,

    If you need a new sway bar, I have an H&R (18 mm) that I picked up from a door prize winner. The box is open, but I never got around to installing it. Probably never will.

    18 mm isn’t much better than the stock R50 (which I think is 16 mm), but it’s new. If you didn’t have anything better in mind, you’re more than welcome to it.

    Let me know.


    1. @dickdavid – if you really aren’t going to use it, I will gladly take it off your hands. I will email you later this week about it. Thanks!

  2. i’ve got a set of stock pads that have about 1000 miles on them, if you need ’em. got them from a guy who had upgraded.

    <a href=”>the thermostat replacement is pretty easy.

    good luck, man!


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