re-run #2

and you thought the one last week was it?

the racing bug
yea, so I dig it. I want more track time. I want a track in my back yard! I want to get good enough to actually maybe even compete in an event or two, or better yet to be able to participate in this, which I read about here. One Lap of America would be a tough event, but I think it would be a blast! 5-7 tracks in 5-7 days.

Meanwhile, I’m just going to have to wait until the club goes to Buttonwillow, or find another open event in the meantime.

I’ll be running these for the next few weeks. Might help me get motivated to upgrade soon!

3 replies on “re-run #2”

  1. what do you mean? ;)

    I don’t know what I was thinking when I set this up. I could have sworn it was a different post.

  2. Nothing like rewriting history, eh? ;-)

    You know, I’ve started dreaming about building my own Nürburgring. I figure there’s gotta be a couple hundred unused acres in the midwest somewhere just begging for a 13 mile road course. Maybe I should start looking for a business partner…

    Hey, how ’bout linking to the original posts when you do these re-runs?

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