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  1. If you have a pda, you can buy the Tom Tom Go map program and a gps antenna and get nearly the same results for under $350 (and a pda, to boot!)

    Josh Wardell has a good how to on his site. I did the same with my hp iPaq and a speaker mount I found on eBay. I didn’t hardwire it into my fuse box (mainly because I’m electronics stupid.)

  2. Oh yeah, you can give the voice directions a British accent that actually says, “motorway” rather than “highway.” That alone makes it the best of the gps programs!

  3. Ian,

    I was in VA the other week for a few days (I go there several times a year) and I finally got tired of getting lost so I rented a car from Dollar with the option of a portable NAV system.

    I can’t speak for the TomTom, but they had the Garmin C330 for rent. WONDERFUL. It is my new favourite thing in the world. I wouldn’t use this on a daily, or maybe even weekly basis around my home, but when traveling it’s now standard equipment for me.

    — Jay

  4. My brother has a TomTom. Rather than putting it in the middle of his wind screen like in the picture, he sets it down at the bottom of the drivers side a-pillar. Very clean setup. Has a set of decent voices too.

    I wish the MINI nav had 3d!

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